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sm-frontShow your support for humanity in a post-apocalyptic world with your Zombie Dog Tags. Choose from our magnificent range of aluminium or steel Dog Tags, either embossed or engraved.

Embossed Zombie Dog Tags are stamped on military equipment, the same machines that have already seen action in Afghanistan and Iraq. With a range of Dog Tag styles inc genuine, battle proven, military grade stainless steel Dog Tags, your be ready to defend the world when the invertible happens. You can't wear or scratch away the text, its built to last! No two tags are the same, each tough as nails dog tag is unique with its own perfect imperfections telling its unique story of its industrial beginnings.

Our aluminium engraved Dog Tags offer a smorgasbord of colours and engraved images and text so you can dish out zombie carnage in style. Go bright, go subdued, whatever you choose your go classy!

Let people know who you are, or where you're from, or simply express yourself ... Wear your Zombie Dog Tags with pride and show the world you're ready for a wild, deadly journey of vengeance on all Zombies.

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Personalised Embossed Military Dog Tags
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